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- Louise Donnelly

My kids and I had the most amazing experience with Kimberly doing our family photo shoot. Kimberly was engaging, friendly and made my kids feel super comfortable! The photo shoot was so painless, and we enjoyed it so much. The pictures came out absolutely perfect and I get so many compliments every time someone sees them. I will be forever grateful that Kimberly captured such priceless moments for me and my little family.


- Jean-Ann Underwood

What better way to capture your children's love for each other than with photos. We were fortunate that Kimberly Minor Photography was available. She captured the special bound the sisters share. If you want images that capture not just a moment but the emotion, you want Kimberly Minor.

- Hillari Webb

I have never had more beautiful photos of my little family made. Working with Kimberly was truly a treasure. She made it easy and flawless. It was so fun working with her photoshoot stylist to pick out all of our outfits and made it completely stress free. Here are some shots of when I got the dress and candid's I did on my phone versus how Kimberly captured us. They are truly breathtaking.

If you’re looking for a photographer who:

  • Makes you feel so beautiful (even postpartum)
  • Makes you feel comfortable
  • Zero overthinking about outfits
  • Amazing editing skills
  • Feels like you’ve known her your whole life

And so much more…! This is your gal.

I will cherish these photos for a lifetime. i can’t wait to work with her again!

- Jasi Jovingo

Though we have had only one shoot (thus far). The nugget had requested Xmas pajama family photos which was a big deal since she was now a teenager. I knew right away who I wanted to take the photos as I had seen photo shoots that she had done with folks I knew in the stunt industry. I reached out to do a "snow" at the Christmas tree farm, unfortunately Kimberly was booked up. I look around for other photographers in the area, but no one else had that combination of beautiful lighting and magical shots. Low and behold, an opening came up and I secured a spot. Christmas PJs were ordered, and we got to do a mini snowing shoot at the tree farm. Working with Kimberly was a dream, we all felt so comfortable and were enjoying being in the moment. The result below is a perfect representation of the love in our family and the perfect nugget shot for her grandparents and aunts.

(We already plan on using Kimberly for the nugget's senior photos and a shoot with my husband's family in the future.)

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kate rogers

If you want a photographer that goes that extra mile & puts her whole heart and soul into her work, look no further! She captured my oldest daughter's senior pictures that we will treasure for years to come. Kimberly was amazing with even getting a few shots of my special needs girl with her big sister in the shoot. If you are a special needs parent you know how valuable it is to have someone that knows exactly what to do. I can't wait to use her services again in the near future.

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