You want to book a family session but the idea of styling everyone is just... too much.

Oh, does this resonate in my soul! Lol. Every single time I've ever had to plan outfits for my family, I just became overwhelmed, never mind giving clients advice on what they should wear! I would make pintrest boards and style guides, and yet, something never felt right.

At the beginning of 2022, I wanted to rebrand my entire company. I wanted to create a brand that not only made family photography feel natural and authentic, but also less stressful.

So how do you create a less stressful experience?

Well, if choosing outfits is the most stressful part to you, then you may want to go ahead and fill out our booking form.

Kimberly Minor Photography is the only local family photographer that takes your experience to the next level by having each client work with our exclusive personal stylist, Kristin Cruz. Kristin and I first met when she booked her first family session with me. She had done several photoshoots in the past in her old hometown, but wanted to really take this session to the next level.

Homegirl got obsessed. Haha!!

I say that in the nicest and most respected way. Promise. Because when she showed up for that session with me, I mean, wow. Just wow. And the images were 100x better, because the outfits complimented not only the people wearing them, but also the location and the way I edit.

She continued after that session to pursue this new passion of hers. It started with a blog and then into a heavy social media presence. And when I wanted to take KMP to the next level, it just kind of made sense.... I wanted Kristin to do all that amazing work with MY clients and give them the opportunity to look amazing and NOT feel anxious about it.

And that's exactly what she does. With every client I book, Kristin is there from the get-go to offer color analysis and body type testing. She helps create a curated outfit for each family member and coordinates them just so. Every single session where the client has used her expertise just shows the proof that the styling of the clothes truly does matter.

So don't stress about what to wear anymore! Work with Kristin and I, and we will make this experience an easy one, I promise.