best practices

Get rest!

I know they always say this, and it is easier said than done when you're a parent, but seriously. Try to get some sleep. The night before is not the time to binge-watch the newest season of Yellowstone. Try to relax, try to find your zen, and get some good sleep to get you ready for the big day!


You should always drink plenty of water, but today, even more so! Especially the week leading up to your session. Hydrated skin is easier for our make-up artist to work with and helps with any skin blemishes you may want to be minimized.


I mean, I know this seems common sense, but hey, might as well remind you! Our team needs clean hair & a clean face in order to make sure you look your absolute best! It is also not the week to try out new face creams or anything different on your skin or in your body! Allergic reactions aren't cute!

Get organized.

Have everyone's outfits out the night before. Have back-ups ready if you have one of those kiddos who doesn't like the way the sock rubs his big toe. Add extra time to your day to make sure you're on time & everyone with you is ready! I also always advise clients with kids to plan something fun after their session! This way children will look forward to future sessions.

how to make your kids excited for the session

Let's have fun!

Photoshoots can be nerve-wracking for everyone, but especially for your littles. You being relaxed is so important to how your kids perceive family photo sessions now and in the future! Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Hype your kids up by reminding them that we will playing games, there will be candy afterwards, and you'll be there every step of the way.

We are here to help!

Just remember, I'm a mom too, and I get it! My team is here to make sure you feel 100% prepared for your session. Please reach out to us at any time if you're feeling overwhelmed or need more advice on how to make your family's session perfect!