Back in November, I decided that I wanted to give back to our local community by donating a full session to a family who had been nominated by their neighbors. I received multiple submissions, and it broke my heart to read all these stories of families who just needed something nice. Over the 20 submissions, Kathy Bohannon's stood out to me the most. She nominated her daughter's family whose youngest daughter had just been deemed in remission from cancer. My heart felt pulled.

Many people may not know this, but my father's been fighting cancer since I was 18. His cancer is terminal and his time on earth is pretty limited. To hear of a little girl, fighting like my dad has fought, and survived, gave me such joy. I genuinely felt like God had pulled me to this family. Plus, I identified with them because of my own daughter's medically-complex history.  

Meeting this family in person did not disappoint. The bond between these four could not be denied, and the pure beauty of two little girls and the parents who love them just blew me away. I'm absolutely honored to present this gallery, I hope I did them justice.