How to survive your newborn photos...

Whenever I have a lifestyle newborn session, I feel like parents expect it to be stressful. Honestly, that's rarely the case. I make sure every client has all the information they need before the session even starts to make sure their session goes smoothly and without a hitch.

Some of the many pieces of advice I give is to make sure baby is fed & sleepy. That's a huge one. A full happy, sleepy baby is so much easier to work with. Also, it's important to get your session in the first two weeks after birth. Another important piece is the style guide, which helps my clients pick outfits that go best with their sessions. Getting your home ready for a session can actually be pretty simple and more is less. A great window with awesome natural light is really the only prop you need!

Stay away from dramatic pieces or bows unless they're an item that is sentimental or culturally significant My goal is to give you images that timeless and won't have your child cringing in twenty years (hello naked baby on the bear blanket!). Everything else, leave up to me!

The Jaynes family's session went by so effortlessly, even with a toddler who isn't always camera friendly. But we stayed patient, calm, and we wound up with a gorgeous gallery of images for mom and dad to cherish forever. Welcome little one!